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They can transform your space - and in this way, how you live :) You have a very wide choice of materials, types and patterns - not just wallpaper. Some of these are stoneware!
Just a few ideas, but they are so many. Don't miss this opportunity! A designer can help you choose the best for your interiors.


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Beautiful design for your loved ones:

Red 3 Nebulite Liquid Light Luce Liquida (Liquid Light) is а table lamp  made from nebulite, a mixture of resin and fibreglass that creates an interesting refraction of warm light. Placed in the living room, bedroom or office, Luce Liquida is characterized by its balanced mix of pure and sculptured design.

"Nonchalant art for your daily life. Art you use every day." That's the thinking behind the Liquid Lamp by Kyouei Design. The whole lampshade appears to be made of wet paint dripping in suspended animation, defying gravity and adding a quirky sense of life to your room. Each shade is handbuilt from a single sheet of steel, molded by an expert craftsman without welding or folding. The lamp comes in wall-mounted and tabletop versions, and white or red interiors.

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